We value complete transparency with our products. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the components our of juices.

Seduce Juice prides itself on being able to offer premium-grade eliquids at an affordable and aggressive price. Early in our company's history each bottle was made-to-order. However, as order volume increased we found that to increase consistency and maintain quick ship times we must move to a batch-oriented production method. All Technicals and Posh branded juice products are pre-produced in batches and stocked. When orders come through, these bottles are pulled and fulfilled. Because of this method, we do not offer customization of juice orders (e.g. "extra flavor", "add menthol" or nicotine levels outside what is offered).

All our juices are 100% USA-Made. The primary ingredients of nearly all eliquids are:
Propylene Glycol abbreviated "PG"
Vegetable Glycerin abbreviated "VG"
Natural and artificial food grade flavorings

Our PG/VG bases are USP grade, from reputable US-based suppliers.

Our Nicotine is from one of the largest, most reputable sources for Pharma-grade nicotine in the USA. Our supplier is located within 1 hour of our production facility. This translates into us being able to purchase small-lots of nicotine to ensure a fresh mix each time.

Seduce Juice juices do NOT contain ANY flavors that use diacetyl as a direct flavoring component. Test results are posted on Seduce Juice's product page under images. Diacetyl is a flavoring molecule used to produce "custard" notes. Diacetyl has been known, over time when inhaled to cause a condition known as "popcorn lung." More information can be found here.

There has been much talk over diketones and other components used in flavorings used to produce a creamy or custardy flavor. It has been noted that producing a creamy or custardy type juice requires one of these compounds to be present. While none of our flavorings directly contain Diacetyl, juices that list a "cream" or "custard" profile will almost certainly contain a substitute ingredient, which may under certain circumstances catalyze into diacetyl. The health concern over these substitutes is still the subject of ongoing research, and we make no claim as to their potential risk or lack thereof. If you have a concern over these substitute additives used in flavoring, please avoid purchasing any flavor listing a 'cream' or 'custard' note or contact us with your concern. It should be noted that, many of the flavorings used that contain these substitutes only contain trace amounts (less than 1%). For a deeper explanation, please click here.

Additionally, NONE of our juices contain any sweetening additives. The inherent sweetness of our juices are produced by the flavorings themselves.

More information on Propylene Glycol can be found here.

More information on Vegetable Glycerin can be found here.

Some vendors use proprietary blends produced in-house from undisclosed manufacturing processes. We DO NOT produce any extracts. We source all our flavorings from approved and reputable suppliers.

The PG/VG ratio preference on our juices is 30/70. This ratio refers to the final overall ratio of the PG to VG of the juice. This ratio may vary by as much as 5%+/- depending on juice. Some juices may contain flavors suspended in an alcohol base which will account towards the PG. If you have questions please submit a ticket for additional information if desired.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us prior to ordering.