Here you will find answers to the frequently asked questions that we see day-to-day. Please check this page before sending us a note.

  • Why is my nicotine level unavailable on some flavors, but not others?
As the end of 2017 approached, we did a huge over view of the flavors that we knew were a hit from all of the lines produced at the Technicals & Posh labs. In this over view, we have decided to register all of our products to the FDA as 60ml bottles. Your nicotine level may be unavailable in some flavor's purchase page due to stock depletion as we cycle the smaller sizes out. But have no fear! - all flavors and nicotine ratios are available in the 70/30 blend, 60ml bottles. More bang for your buck, and hey, who doesn't love more for less?

  • What happened to your Rewards Program?
It's back! Earn 1 point per $ spent to redeem on future purchases. Points will not be added to your account until your order ships from our facility. Please visit your account and see your total points accumulated. From here, you are able to access a list of items redeemable with points. If you're a long time customer, all points that remained unredeemed years back, are available in your account - oh happy day!

  • I live in CA, HI, MI or NY. I am 18 years old, why cannot I not purchase from your site?
As of July 1st, 2016, you must now be 21 years of age to purchase e-liquid in your state. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Where is my order?
All tracking updates can be followed through the tracking number provided to your email through the USPS shipping portal, as well in your own personal account. Checking your tracking number as soon as you receive it will often leave to a message along the lines of "tracking information not available" due to the order not registering in the system quite yet. It will update shortly and will be followed up with tracking on every stop it takes on its way to you. If you are placing your order on a holiday, the weekend or during a sale, shipping information will fluctuate as we may be absent or we're experiencing very high volume. If you believe that your order may be lost, or anything else along those lines, PLEASE feel free to contact us - we'd be happy to look deeper into the issue for you to determine a cause and a remedy for the issue.  

  • I'm a reviewer...I've heard a lot about your products and love them - Can I please review them for you?
We greatly appreciate those who are interested in reviewing our products. All inquiries are taken seriously and while we do wish to send everyone samples for review, we have had one too many bad apples who have taken advantage of our once over generosity in efforts to have word spread about our products. If you believe you are over-qualified and are present on social media with a large following in which we are able to do frequent follow-ups on your posts, you may be considered for product review. There are no guarantees. Additionally, we do offer sample packs throughout the site - even a compilation of our 10 top-selling juices to simplify ordering for you! These are an awesome way to try all of our top juices!

  • I want a custom mix. Can you add flavor, make 9mg and make a 65PG/35VG ratio? Thanks in advance.
No. Seduce Juice has always strived to have all options open to our customers where they can take our juices, and somewhat customize them to their own. The only customization we are willing to make is on your specified PG to VG ratio which is a required option during your ordering process. We will not make exceptions on nicotine strengths or flavor recipe alternations such as "flavor shots," as all of our juices are recipe made and batch produced to have your orders out the door and on their way to you in the most timely fashion. The options that we have are what we have to offer.

  • Age Verification
"I keep getting an error message that my account can't be verified. I entered everything in perfectly and it won't work. I'm way over 18 years of age, your site must be broken." We can assure you that the site is not broken. The information entered in your account may be slightly mismatched in correspondence to the information associated with the credit card you are attempting to use for your purchase. In the state of North Carolina, we are REQUIRED to verify age this way in efforts to keep our products out of the hands of minors. Even the slightest variation between the billing address you have provided us in your account and the billing address associated with the credit card you're trying to use will cause the system to fail your transaction. It may be beneficial to delete the existing information, save the changes, and repopulate the information. If you are still running into issues, we'd be happy to verify your age manually and create your account for you! You will be required to send a valid ID with your name and birthdate before the account will be created once your contact ticket is received.

  • I'm *insert sob story here* - can you give me free stuff?
No, we cannot. We hate to hear this. Just know we've all been there at some point in our lives. Once again, we do hold sales quite frequently. Follow us on all social media outlets for updates on any upcoming sale teasers and news.

  • I want to call you. What is your telephone number?
While we wish that we could directly speak to all of you, we operate solely on a customer ticket response system. You are able to place these via the Contact Us tab on the home page of Customer tickets will always be handled in a timely matter - typically 24-48 hours after submission. You are able to call our hotline at 1-855-55-SEDUCE (7338.23) which will route you to the correct portal of where you should submit your customer ticket. This is 2016, the internet basically rules our lives.

  • Do you ship internationally? Or can you tell me where to buy your products?
Unfortunately, we do not ship orders internationally. We do have many distributing partners who would be more than happy to ship to you wherever you may be located! Please see a complete list of our international partners here

  • I have a great idea for you guys who do I email it to?
We'd love to hear your ideas! You're welcome to fill out the Contact Us form, located on the home page, with your thoughts and we'll take them into consideration!

  • I was charged again by your company before I received my shipping confirmation? Why am I being charged again?
Are you located in North Carolina? Yes? That's why! The lovely state of North Carolina made a law that went in effect on June 1st, 2015 which states that every milliliter of juice purchased containing nicotine is subject to an excise tax of $.05/ml. You are required to acknowledge this at the time of checkout just like the Terms and Conditions box on most online orders. This checkbox states that every order being shipped to the state of North Carolina that contains nicotine is subject to this excise tax. After your order is placed, we then make our calculations based off of your order, and charge the card used for the initial purchase before your order goes into processing. We're sorry for the confusion. If for any reason you feel like the calculations are incorrect, feel free to contact us.